Our Artificial Intelligence

The heart of our software is our independently developed artificial intelligence.

The artificial intelligence of foodforecast

Artificial intelligence takes into account both internal company data and external location factors.

It has two main functions:

1. preparation of a forecast for sales volumes

For this purpose, the artificial intelligence (AI) is trained with internal and external data.

In-house data includes historical data exported from the POS system of the respective company. This is order, sales and returns data. External data includes, for example, weather data, public holidays and vacations.

Our AI independently recognizes correlations in the data. Based on this data, our AI spits out a forecast for the order. The more data the AI software has available, the more accurate the forecast becomes. Even short-term trends, such as a construction site in front of the store, are quickly detected and taken into account by our AI.

2. automation of the ordering process

The ordering process is automated by our AI generating an automatic order proposal. The order proposal can be adjusted manually by the staff. The order is then triggered via the checkout system or via our own app.

How will foodforecast artificial intelligence be integrated into your operations?

The AI software must be implemented in the existing IT solution of the respective plant. To this end, we are already working with various providers of enterprise resource planning systems.

Our AI

- briefly explained

What is Artificial Intelligence?
How does our AI work?
What functions does it have?

You can learn all this in a short video.

What exactly does artificial intelligence mean?

Artificial intelligence is the replication of human intelligence onto machines or computers. AI possesses characteristics such as logical thinking, decision-making in the face of uncertainty, as well as learning and communication skills. An AI is supposed to learn independently to recognize correlations and derive conclusions based on data sets.

Forms of Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the process by which machines independently infer correlations from large amounts of data. The stored algorithm learns on the basis of input data. It runs through itself again and again and continues to adapt its architecture independently. The goal is for the algorithm or artificial intelligence to recognize patterns and dependencies in the data.

Deep Learning

Deep learning means that machines train themselves with the help of neural networks and large amounts of data. The human brain serves as a model. The artificial neural networks recognize patterns in the data independently, without the need for rules to be defined by humans beforehand.

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