We are a young team. We are innovative, future-oriented and responsible. For this reason, we would like to make an active contribution to more sustainability.

Artificial Intelligence as a means to an end

Our contribution to sustainability is our proprietary artificial intelligence. It is the key to smart food production. It is the key to actively reducing food waste in bakeries, supermarkets and other areas of the food sector. It helps us save resources. For tomorrow. For our current generation. And above all for our next generation and the generation after that (...).

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By 2023, we will have already made our technology available to...

4.0.000 kg
CO2 saved

100 Tons
Food waste prevented

We contribute to the
Sustainable Development Goals with foodforecast.

With our Artificial Intelligence to reduce food waste in bakeries and other food-producing companies, we actively support the 12th goal of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Goal number 12 is about ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Consumption and production should be such that the needs of current and future generations can be met without exceeding the Earth's carrying capacity and without endangering human rights.

If this goal is transferred to possible areas of action in Germany, this includes areas such as resource efficiency, waste avoidance, the promotion of sustainable consumption patterns and the reduction of food waste.

With its artificial intelligence, foodforecast actively helps to ensure that less food has to be thrown away, i.e. to reduce food waste. To be more precise, foodforecast even goes one step further and improves resource efficiency, because the food that is saved from the garbage can thanks to foodforecast is not produced in the first place due to the exact sales forecast. In this way, we actively save scarce and valuable resources such as water, land and energy and actively contribute to a sustainable production pattern.

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