Artificial intelligence for
catering businesses

The daily catering of sometimes a hundred or several thousand guests requires a professional organization of the operational processes. Purchasing, supplier selection as well as merchandise management, waste disposal and hygiene control present kitchen managers in the catering industry with major challenges on a daily basis.

Your challenge is our motivation

Food Cost

Avoidable costs arise, for example, from over-ordering, misproduction, incorrect portioning, out-of-stock.


Order planning is time consuming and results are inconsistent due to subjective employee decisions.

Food waste

1.9 million tons of food are thrown away each year in out-of-home consumption in Germany alone.

Control Panel

Lack of time and management capacity for POS monitoring to identify optimization potential.

With foodforecast you solve all challenges with a single intelligent catering software. Contact us directly here for more information for your restaurant or canteen!

Your sustainable added value 

with our AI-based restaurant software

100 % order automation
More effective staff deployment, relief for staff and management.

100 % production optimization
Avoidance of overproduction or out-of-stock

Central control tool
Comparability of POS, conclusions for optimizations of the overall system

Ø 30 % food waste reduction
Less food waste - resulting in lower costs

Ø 4 % increase in sales
through optimal availability of goods

Your way to us

Start your journey to a digital hospitality business today with our AI software

Step 1

Initial interview

We explain the exact functionality of our solution and clarify all questions around the provision of our forecasts.

Step 2

Pilot phase

4 to 6 weeks
Test our solution in up to 5 stores and 3 merchandise categories. We will show you which optimization potentials are possible in your company.

Step 3

Planning phase

2 weeks
We work out together how our modules create the greatest added value for you and your company. On this basis, we put together your individual package.

Step 4

The roll out

Our experts will support you and your team during the introduction of foodforecast and will, of course, also accompany you during operation.

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