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One of the biggest challenges in the bakery industry is the daily ordering process and the determination of the required order quantity for the baking plan and baking slip. Neither should a branch sell out prematurely in the early evening, nor should large quantities of elaborately produced baked goods end up in the garbage can. There is a great desire for bakery software to automate the ordering process, because this is another area where there is a lot of untapped economic potential.

Your challenge is our motivation

65,000 € per year / store
due to food waste

This value is thrown away on average in German bakeries.

21,000 € per year / store
Unused sales potential

Sales are lost by selling out too early.

8,500 euros per year / branch
Personnel costs for order

Bakeries lack qualified employees, a bottleneck for growth.

With foodforecast you solve all challenges around the creation of your baking plan and baking sheet with a single intelligent bakery software. Thanks to the intensive cooperation with a well-known bakery, our artificial intelligence knows numerous special cases of the bakery industry and has the corresponding special functions for your digital baking plan and baking slip. Contact us directly here!

Your added value

with our bakery software

Reduction of returns by an average of

Sales increase by an average of

Great time savings in the ordering process

Special functions of our AI software

with our bakery software

We have developed our Artificial Intelligence in close cooperation with a large bakery chain and have continued to optimize it. For this reason, our AI has a number of very specific functions that are geared to the needs of bakeries.

Minimum order quantities

define per store and product

Special orders

can be recorded automatically via the cash register or our app

Target return rate

Set in pieces or percent for individual weekdays

Article classification

Automatic calculation of the optimal return rate through a classification of the articles

New articles

Creation of the forecast is possible from the first data point

Your way to us

Start your journey to a sustainable bakery today with our AI-based bakery software

Step 1

Initial interview

We explain the exact functionality of our solution and clarify all questions around the provision of our forecasts.

Step 2

Pilot phase

4 to 6 weeks
Test our solution in up to 5 stores and 3 merchandise categories. We will show you which optimization potentials are possible in your company.

Step 3

Planning phase

2 weeks
We work out together how our modules create the greatest added value for you and your company. On this basis, we put together your individual package.

Step 4

The roll out

Our experts will support you and your team during the introduction of foodforecast and will, of course, also accompany you during operation.

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