A software with artificial intelligence

We offer you a "Software as a Service" model. The core of our software is our independently developed Artificial Intelligence. Based on our AI, we have developed several solutions specifically for your needs.

Our AI solutions

We offer various solutions based on our outstanding AI predictions:

AI based
Order optimization


Daily forecasts
at order item level

Less food waste

New sales potential

100% order automation

AI based
production plan


Multiple forecasts per day
at sales item level

Increase freshness of the articles

Better availability of goods

Less production waste

AI based
store planning


Sales forecasts
at store level

Optimize personnel planning

Consider each sales outlet as a separate company consider (BWA)

Analysis Platform


Interactive reports
via Power BI

Simple & standardized data evaluations

Derive recommendations for action

Why us?

Because foodforecast wants to achieve a sustainable result for your business together with you - economically, ecologically and socially.

Best technology on the market for
order automation*.

Our self-developed algorithm is unique and has an accuracy of more than 95%.

The AI independently detects trends and automatically adjusts forecasts. 

With our AI we can automate your orders up to 100%. You decide!

*Based on feedback from bakeries using our solution.

With industry experts from bakeries, the food service industry and food retailers

We understand the needs of the industries, because since the beginning we have been working with companies from the bakery industry, retail and catering.

As a result, our artificial intelligence and software have been continuously optimized and take into account numerous special cases and requests from the industries.

One-to-one support by our team

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our team of experts with over 10 years of AI experience accompanies you during the implementation of foodforecast and in the ongoing operation.

With our 24-hour support, no questions or requests remain unanswered, because a personal contact person always takes care of your concerns. 

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