Optimal availability of goods 


Optimal availability of goods means that a company can offer the optimal quantity of goods at the right time and thus meet demand according to need.  

Optimum availability of goods in the food retail and catering sectors

Optimum availability of goods is particularly important in the food sector, e.g. in bakeries, the catering trade or supermarkets. Here, optimal merchandise availability is particularly important because a large number of fresh items are sold that must always be sufficiently available so that customers do not shop elsewhere because the goods in demand are not in stock. This ultimately leads to lost sales. On the other hand, it must be ensured that no excess stock is generated, as this reduces the quality of the goods and can lead to food waste.  

Artificial intelligence for optimal availability of goods 

In order to be able to ensure optimal goods availability, inventory must be monitored and carefully planned. The use of AI technologies can help achieve optimal goods availability and optimize inventory management accordingly. AI can provide accurate demand forecasts, so the company knows what the actual demand is and will be. At the same time, the automation of the process relieves staff of time.   

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