Our life cycle assessment study: we save 63 kg of CO2 equivalents per store every week

December 19, 2023

👨‍🎓 We conducted a life cycle assessment study in cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin. This involved measuring the various environmental impacts of our artificial intelligence.  

On the one hand, the direct, negative effects such as the power consumption of the software or the production of the servers were measured. On the other hand, the indirect, positive effects resulting from the reduction in food waste and savings in baked goods losses were analyzed.

We are pleased to share the results of the study:

  • For every kilogram of food waste saved, our AI also saves 1.2 kg of CO2 equivalents! 🤖🌱 
  • With our artificial intelligence, we save an average of 63 kg of CO2 equivalents per week and bakery branch! 🍞🌱

The direct emissions of artificial intelligence have already been deducted in the evaluation 🤖 

Wow, that's very promising. We are delighted that the results of the study on the emissions of our AI solution and bakery software are so positive.

📊 For the evaluation, sales data and food waste data from the bakeries were analyzed before and after the AI implementation. The average composition of the food waste saved was calculated in order to determine the average environmental impact per kilogram of food waste.

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