Our Team Event - Hiking in the Siebengebirge

04 July 2023

Who is actually behind Foodforecast Technologies and the Artificial Intelligence that minimizes food waste?

The answer: a future-oriented and responsible team that wants to contribute to more sustainability. This common goal welds us together. However, personal contact is also important to us. Since (almost) all of us work from our home office, the regular team events are an opportunity to exchange ideas on a different level, away from the online meetings.

As a balance to remote work, we all like to move around and be active. That's why our team event this time was a hiking day in the Siebengebirge near Bonn. Besides a 12 km hike with a beautiful view, we also played a little game where one or the other secret was revealed. Before we started, everyone was supposed to write a funny/awkward secret about themselves on a piece of paper. The slips of paper all went into a bag and each time we took a breather, one was drawn. A team member then had to guess who the secret was from each time.

Finally, we ate on the most beautiful terrace on the Rhine. A successful day all around.

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